Leiper's Fork Christmas parade

Although we’ve got a Franklin address, we consider ourselves residents of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.  So, after being a resident for 8 years now (20+ for Bart), we attended our first ever Leiper’s Fork Christmas parade.  Let me tell you that this parade may be the most charming hometown parade out there.  Old Hillsboro Road was lined with hundreds of people as the parade began.  It was narrated by three local celebrities who need their own radio show because they were hilarious!  The parade started with the local sheriff's department and swat team, followed by a lady carrying the American flag on a horse as we all listened to a local singer sing the Star Spangled Banner, followed by a Boy Scout troop who stopped to lead us all in the pledge of allegiance.  There were lots of kids, dogs, horses and decorations to go around. Our street even had a float entered!  I felt so much pride for my this great country and my little town.  And it was very refreshing to hear Merry Christmas said without any hesitation! Here are a few shots from the day.  I wish you the same joy this Christmas as I felt watching the parade.  

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