Walter {Actor}

Well, I finally got to shoot my little brother, Walter…with a camera of course!  Pardon me for my silly photographer humor; I couldn’t resist making that joke.  Walter asked me to take some new headshots for his real estate business and for his acting career.  See, my brother is a very talented actor and I am the founding member of his fan club, so of course I was more than thrilled that he asked me to do this.  Plus I finally got to have do a photo-shoot on the beach.  The day we went out, it was unseasonably cold for Venice, Florida, but we made the best of it and enjoyed the day.  After the shoot we went to a local Mexican restaurant to warm up with margaritas and finished the night off playing dominos.  I’m pretty sure he beat me that night and we will have a rematch soon.  If you are ever in the market for a real estate agent in the Venice area of Florida, make sure you get in touch with Walter Shepherd.